How To Create An Accountable Team That You Never Have To Chase Up.

How To Create An Accountable Team That You Never Have To Chase Up.

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Are you constantly chasing your team?

Do they not follow through on what you’ve asked them to do?

If this hasn’t happened to you in your business yet, I’m sorry to say, it’s inevitable.

In every business we face unaccountable team members.

Sandra, a Chiropractor from Western Australia, and a member of our Tribe, recently came to us with this question: “How do I get my team to do what they say they will do?”

Well, we have a system that will absolutely blow your mind (AND it’s FASTER and EASIER than you think).

In this eye-opening episode of the Practice Acceleration Podcast, we’re going to share with you our FAST and EASY system to get your team to actually follow through on their tasks ON TIME.

Listen now to learn:

  1. How to build an ACCOUNTABLE team (that you never have to chase up!)
  2. How to STOP WORRYING about the rest of your team’s jobs (and go back to focusing on your own)
  3. AND our 1 simple management HACK that will change your team meetings

We have a huge team here at Practice Acceleration, including overseas members, off site members, and a Tribe with 400 members!

Are you ready to learn how we keep all of them accountable?

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