[CLIENT INTERVIEW] Meet Stephen… An Osteopath From the UK that has Grown by 35,000 Pounds a Month!

[CLIENT INTERVIEW] Meet Stephen… An Osteopath From the UK that has Grown by 35,000 Pounds a Month!

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Do you want to learn how Stephen has grown by an EXTRA £35,000 A MONTH since working with us?

Or how about how much growth you can ACTUALLY accomplish as a member of our Tribe?

On this Episode of the Practice Acceleration Podcast, we’re hosting an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of our clients from the UK, Stephen.
When Stephen started with Practice Acceleration 7 months ago, he was a hardworking, incredibly talented Osteopath, running a 7 figure business.

BUT… he was juggling too many balls, avoiding disciplining his out of control staff, and despite him trying everything he could, he couldn’t take his business to the next level.

NOW, Stephen is still hardworking and incredibly talented, BUT…

  1. He has grown by an extra £​​​​​​​35,000 PER MONTH!!
  2. His team are aligned, enjoying work, and are helping more patients than ever before!
  3. AND he’s taking his family on regular holidays around the world (including travelling down under for our exclusive members only event)

Stephen thought he was doing great… that was until he discovered our frameworks and strategies.

Stephen has now entered what me and my clients call “Boss Mode”.

Listen now to hear how Stephen made the transition from a “practitioner” to the CEO of his business AND his honest opinion on what it is like to work with Tristan Bond and his team…

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