37 Ways to Attract New Patients in an Hour OR Less (Part 1)

37 Ways to Attract New Patients in an Hour OR Less (Part 1)


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The secret to growing a successful practice is New Patient flow.

And the number ONE reason most practices don’t get enough new patients?


The truth is, most marketing strategies simply take too much time (and effort) to do in the first place, yet alone running them consistently.

But what if you could get new patients in 60 minutes OR less?

I’m talking 60 minutes to go from nothing, to executed strategy… and new patients rolling in.

I’m betting that would be a total GAME CHANGER.

And that is what this Podcast episode is all about.

In this 2-part series of the Practice Acceleration Podcast, you’ll learn 37 ways to attract new patients to your practice in an hour or less!

In part 1 you’ll learn:

  • How a Brisbane Physiotherapist gets 14 new patients/week from ONE FB strategy
  • How to rapidly build your brand and turn your video views into new patient leads for just $10
  • How to take advantage of FB messenger to convert more new patients every day.
  • The cheapest and fastest way to get new bookings in minutes flat from your database of phone numbers (virtually no one knows this!)
  • How to build your authority and reputation as the premier clinic on FB and Insta in just minutes each day (for free)

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