Always be Hiring

Always be Hiring


If you want to keep growing without dipping backwards in your healthcare business you MUST continually hire and recruit. It must be a constant in your business.

Whilst it seems so logical, ALMOST everyone has no specific strategy to advertise, hire and recruit.

And the advice that most of us have been fed about the RIGHT time to hire and grow?

You’re about to discover why it’s wrong and re-enforces roller coaster results instead of growth.

In this episode of the Practice Acceleration Podcast

You’ll learn:

  • Why momentum is the greatest driver of team growth and how to build it continually
  • The secret that that separates the top NBA basketball and Premier League Football sides from the rest of the pack and makes them virtually unbeatable no matter what.
  • What your current talent recruitment and hiring strategy is costing you financially and emotionally and what to do to turn it around FAST.
  • The vital mental shift you need to make to attract more talent (and keep them with your business long term).
  • The secret to building a wildly successful, aligned and happy team that you want to work with every day.

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