Top 10 Marketing Lessons From 12 Years in Business – Part 2

Top 10 Marketing Lessons From 12 Years in Business – Part 2

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We received heaps of positive feedback from our previous episode and there were lots of people asking when the next episode will be released. So without future ado, here it is.

To continue our discussion, we take a look at the best marketing lesson we’ve learned from the healthcare business. These marketing lessons are meant to help grow your practice without having to experience marketing failures first-hand.

It’s important to remember that apart from being consistent, your marketing strategies should focus more on current and past patients since you’ve established the know-like-trust factor with them.  

Also, if you’re using organic reach for marketing your business, it’s time to upgrade, so you can better handle the unpredictable lead flow coming into your practice.

In this episode, we’ll share the second part of the Top 10 Marketing Lessons From 12 Years in Business. Although some people view marketing as an expense, it’s actually an investment. So if you’re really serious about building your brand especially online, you have to invest in your marketing.

In this episode of the Practice Acceleration Podcast you’ll learn:

  • Why you should market the most to current and past patients
  • Consistency is everything in marketing
  • Marketing is an investment, not an expense
  • Why you need to show up in your own marketing
  • Referrals and word of mouth will get you nowhere

These are the top marketing lessons we’ve personally learned over the past 12 years that you can use to help grow your healthcare practice. No need to go through hits and misses of various marketing methods and figure out if they’ll work for your business or not.

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If you haven’t listened to our previous episode telling you Top 10 Marketing Lessons From 12 Years in Business – Part 1, go back and check out Episode 253.

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