Andrew Roberts Interview

Andrew Roberts Interview

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Meet Andrew…
Before discovering Practice Acceleration, Andrew was a talented, well-respected Physiotherapist Business Owner.

He was full of GREAT ideas, BUT…

  • He struggled to get consistent growth (he had NO plans in place and NO idea how to action any of his great ideas).
  • He was feeling burnt out and stressed.
  • AND, he was feeling “stuck in the mud” and slowly losing control over his business

THEN, he discovered Practice Acceleration.
We gave him the exact frameworks and systems to manage a team, grow his mindset, retain his patients, and now…

  • Andrew has doubled his revenue, surpassing $30k months numerous times.
  • Has gone from a solopreneur and one-man show to running a Physiotherapist team.
  • Doubled his patient retention since joining PA.

Do you want to learn how to increase your revenue, halve your clinical hours, and make coming to work fun again for you and your team?

Listen to this episode NOW and learn why Andrew chose to work with Practice Acceleration!

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