Stop facilitating and start leading your patients.

Stop facilitating and start leading your patients.

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Welcome to episode 101 of the Practice Acceleration Podcast!

Inside 4 episodes we are presenting our 100th anniversary series, jam packed full of game changing strategies to help you build the business and life of your choosing.

Inside part 2 of this 4 part series we uncover the biggest challenges you need to overcome to shift from being led by your patients to leading them and taking charge of your business.

Listen now to learn:

  1. Why most health professionals are “facilitators” not “leaders” and how this keeps you, your patients and your business stuck.
  2. What really drives patient connection and retention (it’s NOT what you think)
  3. Three hacks to take charge of the patient relationship that you can apply immediately to improve case acceptance and retention.
  4. What really holds back health professionals when making re-booking recommendations and how to overcome this immediately to help your patients and practice achieve much better results.

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