Your Burning Social Media Questions Answered

Your Burning Social Media Questions Answered


When it comes to putting your practice out into the world of social media, it can be hard to know where you should start.

There’s no doubt that you’ll run into all kinds of questions and roadblocks along the way.

The good news? Social media is our FAVORUITE topic! We could literally talk about it all day.

So this time we asked YOU what questions you have when it comes to all things Facebook and social media.

In this episode we’ll share with you the top questions we received and give detailed answers so that you can own the racecourse.

You’ll hear from those who have already been there, done that and soon be crushing it when it comes to getting your practice on Facebook and social media!

Get ready for all your burning social media questions answered.

We hope you love this episode!

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  • The 6 simple steps you need to know to create engaging videos that generate not just “likes” and “followers” but a flood of new patients and referrals
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Check out these highlights:

[1.20] Know what imagery to post alongside your Facebook ads to get the most out of the algorithm as well as gain more reach for less money!

[3.24] The exact things that you should and shouldn’t be talking about with your social media audience.

[4.42] Facebook pixels explained: why you need to have one and exactly what to do with it.

[8.35] What to do about negative comments on your social media posts.

[10.50] Why you should choose live over static video every time!

[13.26] The best place to start when it comes to developing a Facebook marketing plan.

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