Attract New Patients with Facebook Live

Attract New Patients with Facebook Live


How do you use Facebook Live to successfully build your brand and attract new patients to your private practice?

And what success factors separate the top performing practices on social media from the rest?

Join Tristan as he pulls back the curtains on the framework that drives the most successful Facebook tactics for private healthcare practices.


  • How to confidently create and produce Facebook live videos that generate new patients and enhance your brand in less than 3 minutes!
  • The 7 step Facebook Live Checklist for you to swipe and use every time you plan a FB live (never get caught off-guard or camera shy EVER again)
  • The Facebook live after phase (this secret step is how you can keep getting leads from the same FB live video long after you’ve stopped recording)
  • The exact steps you need to follow to produce confident, engaging, valuable videos that your fans will like, share and promote for you instantly.
  • The biggest mistakes health professionals make with FB LIVE that causes them to never get the results they want from Facebook (and what you NEED to do instead)


Here are the links mentioned in this episode:

The Video Boss Formula

  • You’ll learn how to go from stuck for words to sounding and looking like a BOSS on camera
  • The 6 simple steps you need to know to create engaging videos that generate not just “likes” and “followers” but a flood of new patients and referrals
  • The 60 second video creation hack that takes you from “idea” to engaging and shareable marketing material by just following the steps.

Click Here to Learn More about The Video Boss Formula

Click Here to Download your FB Live Checklist


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Check out these highlights

[1.04] Why Social Media is new Word of Mouth on steroids

[3.35] How Facebook is now favouring live video and how it’s generating 300% more reach than an static image

[15.50] The Facebook Interview format you can use with influencers in your space to expand your reach and become the go to person in your space

[24.03 ] How to get your audience to take the next step with you and actually book in an appointment

[26.48] Map out the perfect frequency for your upcoming Facebook lives

[29.19] How Aaron, a Sydney physio generated $9,500 from his first Facebook live

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