Why Focusing on New Patients All the Time Will Keep You Stuck

Why Focusing on New Patients All the Time Will Keep You Stuck

Today, I have a really important message to help you grow your practice quickly.

Here it is: Stop chasing new patients all the time!

There it is, I’ve said it.

And no, I haven’t lost my mind; I still want you to grow your practice after all.

And to grow – you need more new bookings, and to retain those new bookings to fill your practice.

What I mean – is stop focusing on “brand new” patients all the time.

Instead focus on your current and former patients to grow your practice.

Here are just a couple of reasons why

  1. It costs you 5x more to acquire a brand new patient compared to reactivating a former patient who is on your database.

2. Former patients already know, like and trust you – this means that they are actually more valuable to you when they do come in, because they follow your advice more closely and they spend more.

That’s a pretty darn good reason right there.

3. Repeat visits mean more profit.

You’ve already paid to acquire your new patient in the first place – you’ve already paid that price. So reactivating and repeat business means more profit.

4. Loyal patients are MUCH more likely to refer to you.

Even though they are already a patient of yours, when they reactivate and you provide them with not only great treatment but a great clinical experience – they are much more likely to refer colleagues, friends and family to then compared to what a first time new patient would do.

So, if you’ve been in business for any length of time, you have a database and you want to grow, start focusing more attention on your former patients than constantly chasing new one’s that you haven’t met yet.

It’s more profitable, easier, faster and much more predictable.

In fact, my clients from Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Podiatry and Chiropractic use a systemised approach to staying connected and winning referrals from their former patients.

They run continual high value content via email, Facebook and Instagram, and then they run irresistible offers to re-engage their patients to come back.

To make this approach work, you need to have a database of at least 400-500 people… the more the better really.

You need to have a business Facebook page – it doesn’t matter how active you’ve been on there yet, you just need to have a business Facebook page that you can use.


And of course, you need to have a great relationships with your patients…that probably goes without saying, but the more they like you, the better this will work.


Right now, we are looking for new clients who want to grow their practices in the next 30 days without spending money on paid ads.


When it’s the right fit, we expect a $10,000 boost to your bottom line in just 30 days using one of my patient reactivation strategies.


If you want to see if this will work for you, click the button below and book a quick 20 minute call with my team – and we will let you know if it will work for you.


If it will, we will provide you all the information you need to get started.


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