Do you want to grow your healthcare brand and attract a limitless supply of the “right type” of new patients? I’m betting the answer to that question is a resounding heck yes! Well, this episode is exactly what you want need. Learn how to use video marketing to power your brand, create powerful and far reaching awareness and build a pipeline of new patients hungry to work with you and your team. Video marketing is the going to be the most effective, profitable and predictable way to grow your practice this year. Join us for this game changing episode so that you keep up with the game:

How do you get massive growth in your private practice and continue to do that consistently without hitting roadblocks or going through roller coaster results? Sure, some people have periods of enormous short surges in growth, but only to drop off again shortly after… So what is the secret behind continuous and enormous growth? Join Tristan, the CEO and Sarah Pappas the Business Growth Officer at Practice Acceleration as they reveal the strategy that has catapulted their success resulting in 100% year on year growth for the past 4 years (And it’s not what you think).