Still dealing with mountains of patient records and constantly chasing up your staff to see if those clinical notes have actually been completed? This guy will have something to say about that! Darren Rieck is the CEO of Nookal, a cloud based practice management system that helps you analyse and report on what’s going on in your business at the touch of a button. With over 20 years experience as a physio and the owner of multiple practices – Darren has a unique and extensive perspective on what allied health companies need and delivers. Just like Practice Acceleration, Nookal serves physio, chiro, osteo, podiatrist, massage and naturopath clients around the globe. In this episode Tristan and Darren sit down to discuss this leading practice management software and how it’s improving more practices each day in new ways. We hope you love this episode!

It’s tough out there, it’s easy to get stuck or caught up in the next big thing and if you don’t have the right support system behind you…things can be beyond tough. However, when you get around the right people with a common goal, the right mindset and the right resources things change FAST! We’ve just run an amazing event with over 15 of our top tribe members in Adelaide and it was a tonne of fun. We had clients flying in from all around Australia and overseas ready to take action and grow their businesses.

Part two of our new patient journey series has arrived! We all love those patients who are raving fans of your practice – they post about you on Facebook, they tell all their friends, they leave you reviews…. don’t you wish you had more of those? I’m sure the answer to that is a HELL YES! Ever wondered how this actually happens? How you can go from being virtually unknown to having a tribe of loyal followers who not only keep coming back but also influence so many others to do the same? In this series we’re talking about the new patient journey, which covers exactly how it happens and how you can get more dream patients to follow suit. You’ll get access to our new patient ascension ladder model and dive deep into the final five phases – convert, commit, ascend, excite and promoter. Tune in to this episode and go behind the scenes of what we do with our high end clients for best ways to get your marketing out there, get known and see patients come through again and again. By moving through this proven framework we can take a clinic from being completely unknown to very busy, very fast because just by following the system. We hope you love this episode!

We get it! coming up with content for Facebook can be a challenge! But the key to building a thriving private practice — and helping the most people — is getting yourself in front of as many potential patients as possible. And in today’s world, what's the BEST way to do that? Facebook. We all know it’s an important tool for your practice and to stay competitive Facebook is a MUST, but we know developing a social media strategy can be a little intimidating.