Email Marketing Hacks for Health Professionals

Email Marketing Hacks for Health Professionals

Everyone receives so many emails, every single day, but how do you really get noticed?

How do you get people to actually click and make that appointment?

After all of all the emails you get, there’s only a few you actually bother reading (I know this is true for me).

It’s true that nailing this is quite a science.

But if you think that that email marketing doesn’t work, or just far too hard to bother with then you better think again. Don’t delete your email list just yet!

So, what’s the best way to get started you ask?

Well, the secret begins with the word “connection.” Develop a valuable connection with your audience and reap the rewards.

Here’s the catch… it isn’t easy.

But there are a few simple elements that by including, will give you the best chance possible of getting noticed and working your way to the top of the inbox.

It’s normal for people to hand over their email address to so many different companies, especially when it comes to scoring a discount.

Who wouldn’t want a free consult, assessment or treatment discount just by providing an email?

After all, that’s what they’ve come for.

The problem is that many of these discount seekers will delete all the follow-up emails they are getting.

But there are also a few that actually want to develop a relationship with the business emailing them and take an interest in these follow emails by skimming through their offers.

And if done right – they’ll even book in!

By combining these simple points below, systematically in every email, you can forge that connection and make email marketing work for you!


1. Come Up with a Punchy Subject Line

You can’t expect your recipients to open the emails you are sending if you’re subject lines aren’t engaging! It’s like a headline for an ad.

Remember that the subject line is the first thing that people read so it should be something that will compel them to open the mail.

An effective subject line is to ask a question that could get your readers’ attention and entice them to open the email.

Here’s some great enticing headlines that you can use:

  • “Discover The Secret To [insert result]”
  • “How [patient] went from shin splints to running marathons”
  • “You Too Can Be Pain Free In 2018”
  • “Say Goodbye To [insert problem] Once And For All”


2. Make Readers Laugh

After you hook your prospect in with a compelling subject line, the next thing you need do is capture their interest.

A great way to do this is by using your sense of humour.

By applying some sense of humour to your copy, you’ll stand out from the rest of the marketing emails that your prospects are bombarded with every single day.

When injecting some humour to your email, try to keep it clean and avoid contentious topics, like politics and religion, or you’ll drive your customers away!

3. Build Your Brand

Make sure that all the branding included in your emails is uniform. They should have the same look, tone, and style.

Is your logo displaying at the top of your email? Does your email always include a quotation?  Do you use certain colours or patterns?

This way, you can build a consistent brand and your recipients will be familiar with it.


4. Make them mobile friendly

With a significant increase on the number of people using their mobile devices you need to make sure that your content can be easily read on mobile.

Use bigger fonts to make it easier to read or insert larger click buttons to get the reader to follow through to your site.

It’s important for everything to look clear, because we know that mobile users can be put off by squinting at their tiny screens!


5. Think Beyond Open Rates

Keep in mind that one of the goals of an email marketing strategy is to achieve high open rate.

While this may be a useful strategy – open rate, as the name implies, will only measures the percentage of the recipients who have taken some effort to open the email.

It doesn’t measure whether the recipient has clicked on the links included in the email (they may already have visited your offer!).

Instead of being concerned about the open rates of your email campaigns, think of the business goals that underpin the strategies that you can keep track of.

Have you increased your sales? Has the number of your social media followers grown?


6. Add Call to Action

A lot of email campaigns don’t have any real call to action.

Even if you capture the interest of your readers and make them open your email, if it ends with only information and no call to action, then it’s not going to lead to anything.

Potential patients must be asked to make some minor commitments before you can expect them through your door.

One of the reasons why they aren’t booking in is simply because you haven’t asked them to!

Don’t be afraid to offer them the appointment or let them know about the range of products and services you offer – that’s why they’re there.

If you don’t ask for a next step, you won’t get it, it’s literally that simple sometimes.

So…are you including all these elements when it comes to your emails?

Maybe you’re just getting started or maybe there’s a thing or two you need to improve on to get those open rates up and more new patients through the door.

If you need some more tips on getting the ball rolling when it comes to email marketing you should check out my mini training on how to do just that!

See you on the other side 😊


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