Do Successful Practice Owners Think Differently?

Do Successful Practice Owners Think Differently?

So the questions I get most from Practice Owners in healthcare are centred around – what can I “do” differently, what can I “do” to get the outcome I want – whether that’s more new patients, better patient retention, better staff compliance – anything really.

They’re very tactical questions.

What can I “do” to get XYZ outcome?

And I wanted to share this with you today, because whilst there are always things that you can “do” differently to get a better result.

What is EVEN more important is that you need to THINK differently


So, before you rush out to “do” something different, first of all you MUST gain an understanding of what you need to do and “why”. The most successful business owners in the world, and the most successful practice owners – they don’t just do things differently, they are on an entirely different level of thinking.

And one of the ways that they think differently – is they ask themselves “How can I control my outcomes?”

“How can I gain complete predictability over my outcomes?”

The most successful practice owners think in numbers and systems.

You’re going to have to make a lot of decisions in your business every day.

And to make any successful decision in your business you need to not only know your numbers, but you also need to have an intimate understanding of what drives those numbers.

Knowing a number is easy.

You can get access to your key performance indicators easily by accessing your practice management software or just going into your accounting software.

Anyone can do that.

But what really makes a difference, is knowing what levers to pull and what to do to control those numbers.

So… here’s how I think and how my ultra-high performing clients think.

First of all: what are my numbers, my KPIs.

Then, I ask, what activities caused me to arrive at these numbers, I call them KPA’s.

Key performance actions.

Then, I ask myself how I systemise those key performance actions so that they can happen faster, more often and don’t involve me personally.

Then finally I ask myself – how can I add those key performance actions into a management and feedback model, so that my team are graded on this, so that it becomes part of their role.

So, before you head off at full speed into chasing a new tactic, first of all start to think in systems.

Start to think about your business in terms of systems, key performance actions and key performance indicators.

Make sure you think differently before you take random actions, that’s what the most successful business owners do.

Scratching your head on where to start with the systems?

I can help.                              

You simply need to check out my Practice Acceleration Masterclass where I’ll show you the exact systems my ultra-high performing clients are using and how you can do the same.


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