Attract A Flood of New Patients With THIS Simple Facebook Trick

Attract A Flood of New Patients With THIS Simple Facebook Trick


Today I want to share some absolutely gold Facebook tips with you to really help blow up your practice.

I’ve even got an amazing resource for you to really start growing with Facebook and increase your new patient leads.

This is a super simple tip to get more reach and more new patients using this best practice platform.

This is important – if you are doing any marketing on Facebook right now, make sure you are doing a whole ton of video.

There’s a couple of really BIG REASONS why we love Facebook as well as our members and why video marketing is really going to change the game for you…

It’s fun, you can highlight your personality, your knowledge, you can show your enthusiasm for what you do and when you add this all up – it makes you an absolute stand out from your competition.

In a crowded marketplace where everyone is running Facebook ads – what most people don’t realise is that running ads is usually only what I call the awareness part of your campaign.

Most people are aware of you, but then they then need to like you and trust you before they will do business with you.

Now, video gives you that platform to add real value to your audience so that you develop a better relationship with them and then they can then make the best decision to work with you when they are ready.

If you don’t continue to educate your audience on how you are different beyond the awareness phase, you are really condemning yourself to having to compete on paid ads alone.

That makes you a commodity and that’s going to be costly, very very costly indeed – often it won’t even break even for you.

If Facebook hasn’t worked for you before maybe that’s the mistake you’ve made.

Now we are in the most competitive marketplace we’ve ever been in, your patients have more choice than ever before, it’s full on, and it’s getting more and more competitive by the day.

So use video and level the playing field, not even level it, use video to own the racecourse.

That’s what we do.

When you’re good at what you do, you love it and you know what you’re talking about it – you’re going to stand out in the right way in video.

Your competition won’t be able to compete with you, your competition can’t compete with your level of expertise and your willingness to help your audience.

The trouble is though, in my opinion a lot of people, and I get this, and maybe you feel like this too…

Maybe you feel a bit shy on camera, or weird even, or maybe you don’t know what to say that’s really valuable or even how to say it without coming across as weird or salesy.

Were you thinking that?

Well that’s what I used to think, and I get that, I totally understand.

In fact most of my members and I felt the same until I learnt and then they learnt by me teaching them, this really simple video formula that I now teach called the Video Boss Formula.

Now, my members can create amazing video content in just 90 seconds and they’re attracting new patients consistently on Facebook with video, cutting their Facebook ad spend at the same time.

It’s so good to watch the good guys win again.

That’s what video does, it’s a platform to help the good people win again.

So if you’d like to know more golden tips on how guys in physio, podiatry, osteopathy and dentistry are using Facebook to drive new patients to their practice, then here’s what you can do…

There’s a button below that says “Download The Facebook Marketing Guide for Health Professionals” click on it, and I’m going to hook you up with exactly how you can dominate on Facebook no matter how experienced or even inexperienced you are.

Most people out there, they’re going to tell you that you need to be an extravert to do video, that’s an absolute load of rubbish, you just need a formula, and I’ve designed it for you, you just have to follow it.

You’ll even hear about the Facebook Live that netted a local Sydney Physio $7,500 in just one hour from his first ever live vid campaign.

All he had to do was follow our step by step formula.

There’s also other amazing strategies in there like the Patient Engagement Engine that turns ONE idea into multiple Facebook campaigns in just minutes and positions you EVERYWHERE on Facebook.

We use this over and over with every campaign…and you should too!

So click on the link below and download this guide, so you too can use video to get new patients lining up for your practice.

Let’s get you started!

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