Are You Sick Of Your Marketing Underperforming?

Are You Sick Of Your Marketing Underperforming?


The success of your private practice is directly dependent on your ability to attract new and returning patients to your practice.

If you don’t have control over your new patient flow, or you aren’t getting as many new patients as you want consistently then you’ll be stuck with quiet books, roller coaster results at best and ultimately a stressful job – not a business. A job that controls you, your time and your headspace.

This makes it so important to get your new patient flow under your control.

It really will change your life. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

When you have the ability to turn on the new patient tap at will, you eliminate patchy books forever, you gain control over your practice – you’re the one calling the shots, and finally you can have a business that provides you with a great life and time freedom – the reason you set you up your practice in the first place.

I have a question for you.

What difference could it make to you? To have a new patient marketing system that you can actually control at will?

Have you ever experienced any of these?

Have you invested your time or money into a marketing strategy, gotten really excited about it, and then it completely tanked, or only got you just a few leads?

Or you’ve rocked up at your practice and you see that once again, you’ve got full books but your team are patchy at best with their bookings?

Or maybe you’ve gone out to meet with potential referrals or gone to a networking event and you’ve gotten really excited about it, you’ve put in a heap of effort, maybe you even made a great connection and you’ve left feeling like you’ll get a tonne of referrals… only to later discover that all you managed to achieve was exhaust yourself, waste time and it never turned into the stream of referrals like you hoped.

If you'd like to:

1. Become a successful practice owner.
2. Gain control over your new patient flow.
3. Generate new patients consistently without having to exert your time or energy in meetings.
4. Fill your team so that you can have time freedom and build a profitable business that doesn’t depend on you.

Then this is for you.

You're not alone, in fact most practice owners will struggle to attract new patients at some stage.

In fact – it's too common of a problem.

It's so common that many even accept it as their fate. A fate where you are chained to your business, where you forever have to chase new opportunities, bug referrers, network frantically and just hope for the phone to ring to simply stay just a little bit ahead (or just afloat in many cases).

Maybe you have tried meetings, letters, newspaper and magazine ads, google, email, and heck - maybe even Facebook hasn't worked for you.

If that’s you then keep reading because this is IMPORTANT.

If you can relate to any of this then maybe you're even starting to make statements like “marketing doesn't work” and you're starting to believe the masses of people out there who are telling everyone that “it takes time to grow a healthcare business”, “it's about relationship building and waiting for referrers to like you”, or even – “marketing is too salesy for healthcare”.

The good news is that's all rubbish and the answer is a lot simpler than you might think.

But first let's talk about the problem and I'll elaborate to make this easier for you to digest.

If anything that I've described so far relates to you, then believe me, we have more in common than you think.

In fact, I bet I've had more learning experiences (failed marketing campaigns) than anyone when I was starting to grow my first practice.

It took me years of ‘learning experiences’, frustration and study to ultimately discover the one thing that shifted the dial for me and enabled me to finally turn on the new business tap at will.

Since I've discovered this one simple thing, I've taught it to thousands of others who have also turned their practices around and gained control over their new patient numbers.

So what's the problem that you need to solve you ask?

Good question.

Well, it's what I call your marketing message.

Your message is what you say and how you say it in all of your marketing media.

You see, your message needs to capture the attention of your audience, relate to their 'hot buttons' in your actual message, present a solution and then finally offer a call to action so that your audience can take the next step with you.

Seems so simple. Because it is.

So let's turn that into a mega easy formula so that you can start attracting new patients today.

Whether you use this approach on email, video, Google, Facebook or any platform for that matter – the formula remains the same.

Here it is:

1. Engage
2. Problem
3. Agitate
4. Solve
4. Call to Action 

It's really easy to use and in fact if you are this far into my blog then you might be wanting an example of exactly what it might look like in action right?

I work way better when I have examples to look at too 🙂

So, I've created an example for you to download and deploy in your practice.

You can even get my template at the end of this video.

It’s called the “Instant New Patient Getting System”

It’s a step -by-step template that you can literally transplant into your practice immediately.

Like literally, cut and paste it.

It's easy to use and there's even a template in there for you to complete so that you simply fill in the blanks and then send out to your email list or FB account and start getting new patients straight away.

One of my clients Grant did this for his physio practice, and he made 20K in extra business from the ONE email he sent.

And Boaz, he’s an osteo, he did it too and he got an extra 42 new bookings.

He sent out one simple email that actually got him 6 booking immediately.

You read right, IMMEDIATELY.

Then by the end of the week he had 15 new patients booked in.

He got excited about his practice again and told me the list was growing by the hour.

By the next week 42 people wanted to book in – when was the last time you saw results like that?

In fact, in the last month, dozens of practice owners have used it and sent me their results.

Their results are amazing, and the formula has worked every time it’s been tested.

And the best part is that it’s step by step.

To get a copy, there’s a link beneath this video, click on the link and it will take you to the page where you can download.

What difference could it make it to you to gain control over your new patient flow?

Why don’t you click below and find out for yourself?

Click the button below and download your copy.

I hope you enjoy the results that you get, and I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

Click the button below to download that now, and I’ll speak to you soon.


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