5 Habits of High Powered Practice Owners

5 Habits of High Powered Practice Owners

In my years as a business coach helping to take thousands of healthcare businesses to the next level, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many high powered practice owners.

From grads fresh out of uni that jump into practice ownership with enthusiasm and drive, to those powering on in multiple locations and even clients bringing in millions, I feel like I’ve seen it all.

Money used to intrigue me but these days, performance catches more of my attention.

The ability for a high producing individual to perform more productively within the same 24 hours than an average producer has always piqued my curiosity.

Why some people choose to waste the majority of their 24 hours vs spend them wisely, I’ll never understand.

Success is all around us, all we have to do is look for it.

Having helped build thousands of healthcare practices from the ground up with professionals from all walks of life, I feel qualified to write this blog post.

You see there is a HUGE difference between a high performer and someone who simply has a busy practice.

The producers I’m talking about are people who started from the bottom and became the true CEO and owner of a company they built.

They don’t simply have a busy “job”, they own REAL businesses that are not dependent on their time or energy.

So what makes these high performers different?

What habits have they developed in order to live more efficiently?

I’ve worked with them all.

I’ve put together the top 5 habits of high powered practice owners so you can compare what you do to what BIG TIME WINNERS do.

Here goes!


First Habit:

Something most winners have in common is waking up early and getting focused.

When you are convicted and on fire for what you are doing, you wake up early, with a fire lit under you.

When I’m on Facebook at 5am, I see nothing but people determined to hustle and win early in the morning.

While you sleep, they are earning a head start.

They’ll out start and out perform their competition for the moment they wake up.

This is the ideal time for a focus session to review your goals for the day and zone in on the winning mindset that will help you reach them.


Second Habit:

The next thing top performers do that others don’t is exercise.

To go a step further, most exercise early in the morning.

Almost all agree that exercise is a must.

Peak performers do it consistently. It becomes part of them.

Physical exercise is the perfect outlet for negative vibes too.

High performers know they can “take it out in the gym” and it keeps their heart in great shape for when bad news comes 😉


Third Habit:

The third thing I’ve noticed big time performers share, is they all follow a tight management model. Super tight. Structured. Clear goals. High frequency of outcome focused accountability meetings.

The way their practice runs is to a strict system where everyone works within their genius zone.

Without a management model nothing gets done and nobody is accountable to their role.

This is key in being able to delegate 99% of tasks to the rest of the team.

High powered practice owners know how to delegate so that they are left to complete high value tasks like work on their business plan and strategy.

They DO NOT spend time on admin or low value items.

They all plan to reduce their consulting hours, even treating patients is a commodity that you can outsource.

Having a high functioning communication code enables you to be in sync with your team and a management model that helps success flow.


Fourth Habit:

High powered practice owners are more than anything else, persistent.

They’ll outlast their competition.

When I started out in business I had my fair share of failed marketing campaigns and emails that nobody responded to.

That doesn’t mean you give up on marketing or stop hunting down those new patients.

It’s imperative to push through things and remaining driven to progress in business.

The harder it gets, the harder your competition find it.

Deliberately seek challenging tasks that your competition will find a grind and outlast them!

How can you strive to make a million dollars a year, if you are not willing to put a million dollars’ worth of effort?

Not what you dictate is worth a million, but what the market says is worth a million.
There’s a BIG difference.

If you want to play with the pros, you better practice being one.

Winners invest in themselves through education and constantly strive to become better.

You need drive. You need to toughen up.

You need to outplay, out strategise and outlast your competition.


Fifth Habit:

The final habit I noticed would have to be how they all have a coach or mentor.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you’re making, if you’re not acquiring wisdom from someone who has in their life what’s missing from yours, you’re destined to fail.

The best athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs and musicians all have coaches and mentors.

Raw talent refined is unstoppable.

With a mentor behind you and group support at reach, it’s easy to know what you needs to do and where you’re heading.

There you have it!

What do these performers have that you don’t?

What can you implement into your daily routine that you aren’t already?

If you need a mentor to help you grow to the next level we’re here to help.


We only work with high performers and people capable of working at absolute peak performance levels.

Is that you?

Book in for a chat with my team and we’ll conduct a Peak Performance Assessment to see if we can help you grow more that you would have ever imagined.

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