37 ways to attract new patients to your practice in an hour or less

by Tristan Bond

37 ways to attract new patients to your practice in an hour or less

by Tristan Bond

I don’t know exactly how you ended up here…

Maybe you’ve watched my videos, followed me on FB or Instagram, listened to my podcast, read my book or seen me present live on stage.

But the fact you’re here? That’s great, and I can only assume that you’re a go getter who wants to become unstoppable and wildly successful in practice. After all, that’s what I do.

After coaching thousands of driven healthcare practice owners through the process of building profitable and powerful practices, I’ve come up with a list of REAL, bite sized, actionable tactics for getting a FLOOD of new patients. By no means is this the full list, but heck, it’s a pretty good start.

(heck once I got started I could have turned this list into another book once I got started)

I’ve also put these “37 New Patient Tactics” into a printable work sheet so that you can print it off and stick it somewhere visible to remind you at your practice and motivate you.

Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to get your copy.

Facebook & Instagram

  1. Add an action photo of your clinic daily to Facebook and Instagram
  2. Do live video on FB 2-3 times per week with valuable content for your audience
  3. Interview influencers and other health professionals on FB live
  4. Boost your FB live videos
  5. Connect with every person that likes, shares or comments on your social media feeds
  6. Take advantage of FB messenger to distribute content
  7. Commit to paid advertising on digital and social media
  8. Set up an Instagram account and start sharing regular engaging content on there
  9. Like other pages on Facebook as your brand to build relationships
  10. Invite people that comment on/like your posts to like your Facebook page through messenger and ask them a question to start a conversation
  11. Like, share and comment on the posts of people who you want to network with
  12. Create a how to video on Facebook and boost it for $10 around your clinic


  1. Offer free trial vouchers to the friends and family of delighted patients/clients
  2. Take advantage of SMS to start a conversation and re-activate old or inactive clients
  3. Add your referrers to your CRM and keep in constant contact with them
  4. Create a video series to educate your audience
  5. Run a competition on Facebook and email
  6. Create a free guide to educate your patients and ask if they would like to book an appointment at the end of the guide


  1. Add instant chat to your website to convert hot leads
  2. Optimise your website and all landing pages for mobile
  3. Get professional photos of all your team on your website
  4. Create your story video and add to your website
  5. Offer on the day, before and after hours appts
  6. Build your own App to enhance your brand and make booking appts fast and easy
  7. Add online bookings to your website to book in patients afterhours and on the weekend
  8. Add the Facebook pixel to your website to start building up an online audience to re-target with ads on Facebook
  9. Set up a google analytics account to track what content your audience like and how your campaigns are doing in real time

Multiply your message

  1. Give back to your community and provide value to local businesses, charities, schools and sporting groups
  2. Offer additional services and products to attract a larger spectrum of patients
  3. Take advantage of EVERY channel to get your message out there
  4. Give! Refer to someone who you want to work with in advance.
  5. Call old or inactive patients just to say “hi!” and see how they are.
  6. Set up Google Ad words for your practice
  7. Get interviewed on a podcast
  8. Start your own podcast
  9. Write a blog article each week and share it on your website, email, FB and Instagram
  10. Create birthday vouchers for your patients

You can’t be in practice without new patients to treat!

Marketing is the skillset that every practice owner MUST master to survive let alone thrive.

There you have it.

I could have easily added another 37 ways of things to be honest…

But there’s more than enough here to get you started.

Don’t forget, download your free printable version of this so you can stick it up at your practice and take action!

(I’ll also send you a video training on how to grow your practice to high 6 and 7 figures free)


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