Your Ad Words Questions Answered

Can I have access and logins to my AdWords?

As for AdWords, all of our clients accounts are housed under our agency account so we cannot give you access to this area. This is a security issue, plus all of our intellectual property which is unique to us is accessible in there.


If you would like a report on your account, we can send that to you which will detail all of the account activities and results which you will receive monthly.

Why isn’t my ad online?
  • Used up daily budget
  • Credit Card has bounced
  • Searched too many times for the ad


If you repeatedly search for your own business on Google but you don’t click your ad, you may stop seeing the ad after a while. That’s because Google’s system recognizes your computer and stops showing ads that it thinks you aren’t interested in.

Why aren’t certain keywords showing up?
  • Not specified in your questionnaire.
  • Used up your daily budget
  • Bid price for that word has increased
Can I please add in these keywords or update my ad copy for my campaign or add more campaigns?

Sure at the end of each month when we send out your report we can make these changes for you which will remain for the next 30 days.


Please note that with regards to your Ad copy suggestions, we are split testing 6 different ads to for each ad group e.g. neck pain, anxiety etc. to see which perform better. Google also limits the amount of text and characters you can use. So leave it up to our expert team


So in short, if you think the language needs to be updated it shouldn’t. Our reports will outline whether this is necessary and in this case will automatically be completed by our team.


Depending on the additional suburbs, keywords (search terms) or new landing pages you request, our team of experts will evaluate these changes against your stats and provide a quote accordingly if deemed appropriate.

Why are my AdWords not working or how can I get more new patients?
  • Test Phone conversion
  • Look if budget is being used up and if it is you need to spend more to get more leads


We suggest you analyse (surprise chief) how your team are converting on the phone and how accurately they are recording lead source at the point of the phone inquiry – not after the phone call as this distorts statistics.

What if I need help in between reports or stats?

You shouldn’t require assistance as the campaign needs to be left to run for 30 days to produce accurate results, especially if recent changes have been performed to your campaign.


But just in case, send us an email to and we will get back to you within 48 hours to advise if any urgent charges are needed (N.B they won’t as this is our genius space).

What if I want to talk to someone?

Absolutely, when you get your report each month, if we need to chat, I’ll jump on the phone to you for a 15 minute phone conversation, otherwise we will be checking in to see how you are tracking quarterly.

I want more leads

Great, we want that for you too! Google is fundamentally about buying more leads. If you want more leads, you need to increase your spend, end of story!

I’m getting clicks but I want more leads

Perfect, getting the click is our job, converting them is yours.


Make sure that you are tracking and recording every phone call and using the phone conversion process. We have provided you with the training on this, shout out if you need the link again.


Do the PPO training. N.B our system tracks and measures the leads, if there’s ever not enough new patients and the stats at our end are strong, then by deduction, the ONLY problem is lack of conversion at your end.

Why has my Cost per Click Increased?
  • Increased competition in your area
  • Higher cost to achieve top 3 spots due to competition