The Best Way to Reach More New Patients than EVER Before

The Best Way to Reach More New Patients than EVER Before

One of the first things any growing practice asks is how can I find cost-effective, (yet still ACTUALLY effective ways) to get more new patients.

Well, what if I told you the most inexpensive, and effective, way to market your practice is right at your fingertips?

It’s Digital Marketing.

Cue to throw away your newsletters RIGHT HERE!

Surely that makes perfect sense… after all, everyone is plugged into something these days.

By properly making use of the platforms out there, you’ll build an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you and your brand.

It’s the way of the future.

With that in mind I’d like to give you my hot tips to maximize your reach and reap the rewards when it comes to online marketing!

Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe it’s time to really crank up the volume…these are for you!


Create a NEW Digital Marketing Strategy

First things first, don’t make the mistake of using the same marketing strategy that you have used over and over.

Shake things up a bit if you want to see great results.

If you want better results, you have to re-evaluate your strategies and improve them.

The online world is constantly changing; therefore you have to make adjustments too so you can remain competitive and relevant in the industry.

Just blindly running your digital marketing campaigns is not going to help, strategize on how to do it and set goals to improve it on a regular basis.


DO NOT ditch email!

Email is Digital Marketing’s old faithful for a reason – it works!

If you have an email list, make sure you use it, keep connected with them in new and interesting ways.

They already know you, like you and trust you. Keep in touch with them to stay front of mind, OR someone else will.

Simply use these tips we are about to go through to liven things up!


Take Advantage of Social and Mobile Marketing

Market for your audience’s behaviour.

More and more businesses are increasing their multi-channel marketing plan by up to 137%.

This includes integrating channels such as mobile and social media marketing into the mix.

Implementing a multi-channel approach will help you maximize your results and drive up your revenues.

Take advantage major social media platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

It’s more powerful than most people think

Set up social media handles on different platforms, and post on these platforms on a regular basis so that you actively engage your audience.

Also remember that most people use their mobile device, A LOT.

And an enormous amount of buying decisions happen on mobile.

If the user experience you provide on mobile is not fast, easy to navigate and doesn’t provide an amazing experience – you’re wasting the marketing opportunity.

Don’t bother.

It can actually damage your brand when not done well.

Optimize your marketing for mobile (not just desktop) with sleek emails, clear links, as well as engaging text and images –  to provide a great audience experience that can fit in your palm.


Develop Quality Content

There’s so much information online that generating fluff stuff is no longer going to cut it.

If you want your content to stand out, then you have to provide epic content that will hit your audience’s hot buttons and get them to engage.

We want them to read, review and even shared with others (time to think viral!).

What’s the next word you think of when you hear “VIRAL” ?

It’s “VIDEO” of course!

The use of audio-visual elements can increase the interest generated by your content by up to 180%.

Video is the most attractive and interesting content that you can easily create to generate more interest and help create more interest around your brands message.

By including videos, photos and links in your emails, posts and webpages, you can increase your audience by up to 94%.

It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s easy.

People buy on personality. Anyone can write a great marketing sales letter by hiring a professional, but to be good on video, that shows authenticity.

Give a ton of value in your marketing. Share valuable and useful information in every email, video, post, blog.

The more valuable you are, the more you will build a following of the right tribe for you and grow your business by serving patients that you want to work with.

If you need some more tips on getting the ball rolling when it comes to social media marketing, check out my new and proven marketing frameworks in my latest FREE masterclass.



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