Your business success depends on your ability to lead and manage a great team. To do this, you need to attract the right people and continually bring out the best in them. But the old ways of doing this no longer work, but you already knew that right?! It’s time to learn how to attract, hire and develop the right people for your healthcare business. Join Tristan and Sarah as they reveal the latest proven and tested recruitment and hiring strategies to build your dream team!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION If you want to keep growing without dipping backwards in your healthcare business you MUST continually hire and recruit. It must be a constant in your business. Whilst it seems so logical, ALMOST everyone has no specific...

When you first start out, being extremely busy in your practice feels great…it’s something to be proud of, after all you’ve worked so hard to get there. As you grow, hanging on to a big patient load or lots of those extra responsibilities can make you feel safer, knowing that your practice is secure as you are still needed. However, when you start working too many crazy hours and commit yourself to being here there and everywhere for too long, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and burn out. When you do go to reprioritize your tasks and try to improve your efficiency, it still might not work due to the fact that you simply have too much work for one person to handle alone these days. When that time does come, it’s best that you accept that you need help and commit to making a change. Working long hours and handling too much over a long period of time can and WILL eventually start wearing you down. As a practitioner, you know very well that continuous stress results in your body breaking down – something you definitely can’t afford when trying to run a practice.