The holidays should never be your reason to slack off in business. After all, your patients’ problems don't magically disappear at the most wonderful time of the year. Setting up a great holiday campaign is guaranteed to book more patients up until the new year.

There comes a point in every business owner’s life where a crucial decision has to be made. Either we take on the challenge and transition to a better healthcare practice or stick with mediocrity and watch our business suffer.

As entrepreneurs, one of our biggest desires is for our practice to not become too dependent on us, so we can enjoy a tiny bit of freedom. Honestly, holidays for us can be so stressful, because even if we are away, we still think of our practice, our employees, and our clients.

If you’re serious about scaling your business to the next level, you need to have the million dollar mindset. This starts with knowing what keeps you off track, formulating a plan to counter this, having a clear vision of your desired outcome, and making sure that you monitor your progress.