Here at Practice Acceleration we get chatting to lots of people who are simply just really stuck in their business. They get into healthcare because they want to help people but find it really difficult to navigate the challenges of business. We get it, business can feel lonely and it can be really hard to know what to do next – especially if you’ve been feeling stuck for a while. To hit your stride in business – there’s a whole lot of things you need to stop doing and start doing. In this episode we reveal the 9 most common offenders that need to be on your ‘Stop Doing List’ if you want to grow. It’s time to truly identify what’s holding you back and ensure the tasks you’re completing within your business are driving you forward. This way you can stop feeling stuck and can achieve the growth you’ve always wanted! We hope you love this episode.

Email marketing is STILL king! But with more people using email as a marketing tool, you need to stand out from everyone else in your inbox. Join Tristan Bond and Sarah Pappas, the strategists behind Practice Acceleration’s marketing hub in this episode as they reveal the ninja marketing hacks to 10x the response you are currently getting from your email marketing. Listen to the end and you’ll also gain access to a done for you email campaign that you can use immediately.