CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION We are hot off a coaching call with one our amazing clients, clients where we just remodelled their business shape. And transformed their life! Inside this episode: The management model client is using to grow to 7M...

We all know “that” person! The toxic team member, the one that you put up with, but don’t love being around. They’re not “bad” people. But their behaviour will rip your healthcare practice apart. In episode 55 we go deep into the importance of removing toxic people from your business and life.

This is the COOLEST thing ever if you want to get new patients from FB by talking to your ideal audience. We just trialed it with our most successful clients and today I’m sharing the foundations of it with you. Inside this episode you’ll learn: How to create new referrals using FB any time you need them

The secret to a successful healthcare business is a motivated, enthusiastic and aligned team. In this episode you’ll learn: How to deal with pushback, passive aggression and lack of follow through in your team The secret meeting method to turn your team into A players that show up at their best, and perform every day. The ONE meeting type that you must be able to run, to be a respected leader in your healthcare business

Today I’m going to show you how to get off the hamster wheel chasing leads and why in fact, RETENTION is the most important factor to success in your business. This episode is going to shine a light on where your efforts and focus need to be directed to grow rapidly and to sustain that growth. Here are a few of the awesome things in this episode:

It’s finally here! Welcome to our 50th episode! To celebrate we’re sharing the 4 Best Practice Growth Secrets of 2018. Over the past decade working with amazing practice owners, we’ve really learnt what makes them tick! So over four days this week we are celebrating by releasing one of the 4 Best Practice Growth Secrets of 2018 daily.