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  •  Why proper retention has nothing to do with “sales” or “pushing” (the opposite is true actually)
  •  The 5 step casual conversation to dramatically increase retention and referral rates for any of your staff members (works especially well for introverted and shy practitioners) 
  •  The number one thing that you need to STOP doing that is killing your patient retention and you’re practice  (98% of practitioners are completely unaware this is even happening right under their noses)
  •  The retention SWIPEFILE. Copy and paste the exact scripts that our members have used to 2-10X their practices with ZERO push back from their patients (patients love it SO MUCH you’ll wonder why you haven’t doing this your whole career)
About the creator
Tristan Bond
Tristan Bond, is a practice marketing and growth machine!
After starting his first physiotherapy practice from scratch at age 23, he went on to build and successfully sell multiple practices before dedicating his energy, passion and knowledge to help other dynamic practice owners to create their own successful practices with more control, freedom and profit.
Fast forward a few years and Tristan’s company the HBC Group has now helped over 1000 practices worldwide across all manner of healthcare niches to achieve their ultimate practice and lifestyle by helping practice owners upskill and transform the way that they attract, convert and retain patients as well as the way that they manage and lead outstanding teams.
With over 15 years experience as a practice owner, marketing and practice growth author, expert business consultant and marketing specialist, Tristan has helped over 1000 practice owners across Australia, Canada, the US, UK, Europe and Asia to grow and profit through his endless drive, enthusiasm, experience and passion for healthcare business.
The Practice Machine Mastermind represents the brain child of Tristan Bond, and his team of leading healthcare marketing experts, who are driven to deliver faster, easier and proven step-by-step growth strategies for practice owners.
The focus of The Practice Machine is simple, to provide our members with the best marketing strategies, tools and support in the fastest and easiest way possible so that they can succeed on a much larger scale with confidence and certainty.

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