How To Attract New Patients On Demand Through Email Today!

How To Attract New Patients On Demand Through Email Today!


Today I’m going to really pull back the curtains on an insanely powerful marketing tactic that’s really going to make your results explode from email!

I know there’s a of practices running a whole bunch of email marketing to their database list and getting a lot of opens but not getting enough new patients from it.

So where are they going wrong?

What can you do to make your diary full?

Well awesome question, email marketing is my favourite.

This is going to make a massive difference to your marketing forever.

There’s a whole lot of strategy that you need in place to make email marketing work for your practice.

So, first things first, if you’re already sending out really engaging, fantastic emails to your list you want to be seeing inquiries in the form of new patients.

The whole point of doing sending out a campaign is to fill your diary, so if this isn’t happening you’ve got what we call a conversion issue.

The real problem is that there is no funnel here.

You need to guide your prospective patient along a journey before they’re going to make an appointment with you.

It’s called a funnel.

You need to make it incredibly easy for people to make an appointment with you.

We live in this really fast paced world, everyone is fighting for our attention – everyone is fighting for your audience’s attention, and this is really true for your past and future patients.

The reality is that if you don’t have a funnel – you’re going to miss 80% of your opportunity.

Here’s the difference: Sending an email out is a tactic – it’s not a strategy.

It’s a shot in the dark.

It will work to a very small degree as a one off.

It’s like a traffic like system – think Green, Yellow and Red.

A red light is someone who is on your database list, you’ve treated them before but they’re just not going to come back, no matter what.

Everyone has got them, myself included, everyone’s got a percentage of these.

Green lights – they are those people that want to come back and see you, they just needed to be prompted, these are a very small percentage of your database.

An email can work for these guys.

If you’ve ever run an email and it’s worked without a strategic approach or funnel, then those people responding are in your green light category.

Now, let’s talk about your big opportunity, the yellow light people on your database.

Now 80% or more of your database of inactive patients are what we call yellow lights in terms of the traffic light system.

They aren’t hot to come in right now, but they are aren’t against coming in either.

The problem is – these guys don’t come in because you are missing some vital steps in your marketing campaign.

I’m going to give you two incredibly simple and powerful tips right now to engage with these guys and turbo charge your results that you’re getting from your email marketing.

You can apply these two tactics right now!

Tactic 1: Add in a landing page to your email sequence.

When someone on your database clicks on the link in your email it should drive to a separate landing page.

A landing page is a page that looks really similar to your website really, but it’s dedicated only to that one page, the campaign that you are running.

For example, if you were running a campaign about a headache solution or a headache treatment, then your landing page would be purely about headache solutions.

It is not driving them back to your website, a landing page is very different, it looks like a website, but it’s just about that solution.

So it’s going to guide your reader to make an appointment with you and so on.

Think of your email as the headline that grabs attention of your audience, then the landing page - that’s what engages them more and that is where they decide to take that next step.

Now a cool thing that happens here is that you can add a feature where your inactive patient just clicks a button to say “Yes, I’d like to take up this offer” on that landing page.

This is surprisingly more effective than asking them to reply to your email and book in a time, I guess that’s a symptom of in my opinion everyone wanting instant gratification.

Tactic 2: Organise a follow up sequence of emails.

A massive proportion of your email list will miss the first email, they’re busy, if they’re anything like me they’re inundated with email, you’re only human right?

You’re audience are going to miss it a lot of the time.

So, send out 2-3 follow up emails, 1 per day after the original email.

This by itself will 2-5x your new patients generated on average from the campaign compared to sending out one email.

The combination of using this approach with a purpose built landing page, that’s going to give you an even bigger increase in your marketing results.

So that is my tip for you today, add a landing page, and then add a follow up sequence.

One landing page, two follow up sequences – 2 to 3 emails.

Make it a campaign strategy and not just a once off tactic and your email marketing results will absolutely explode.

Now all you need to do is just automate all these campaigns like my guys do and you’re going to be absolutely flying.

Now, I’ve got a question for you!

Would you like a step -by- step template that you can literally transplant into your practice immediately and start getting new patients?

It’s the campaign that took me years to develop so that practice owners like you can send it out straight away to fix these marketing mistakes.

This is exactly what’s possible with my Rapid New Patient Getting System.

You can literally, cut and paste it.

It’s easy to use and there’s even a template in there for you to complete so that you simply fill in the blanks and send it out to your email list or FB account to start getting new patients straight away.

It’s seriously taken years to develop but the kinds of success my members are seeing from it never cease to put a smile on my face.

One of my clients Grant did this for his physio practice, and he made $20K in extra business from the ONE email he sent.

And Rick, he’s a physio, he did it too and he got an extra 80 new bookings.

In fact, in the last month, dozens of practice owners have used it and sent me their results.

Their results are amazing, and the formula has worked every time it’s been tested.

Rob and Stephen, they run a physio and exercise physiology clinic, they got 50 new appts booked and make 25k from the promo.

How amazing is that?!

The results are amazing, but more impressively, the results are predictable and reliable.

And the best part here is that it’s step by step and you can use it too.

To get a copy, there’s a link below, all you need to do is click there and it will take you to the page where you can download this game changing resource.

What difference could it make it to you to gain control over your new patient flow?

Why don’t you click below and find out for yourself?

Click the button below and download your copy.

I hope you enjoy the results that you get, and I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

Click the button below to download that now, and address those marketing mistakes holding you back.

Crush it!

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