Getting into The Success Flow State

Getting into The Success Flow State


Do you ever wonder how some business owners achieve SO much, SO fast and with seemingly NO effort at all?

And would you like to learn how these peak performers continually outperform the market whilst living their own lives to the fullest at the same time?

Join Tristan and Sarah as they reveal the crucial strategy behind how peak performers get more done, grow faster, have more fun and do it all stress free.

It all starts with getting into your Success Flow State.


  • Why multi-tasking is a 1980’s tactic gone wrong that will kill your business growth and personal mojo
  • What The Success Flow State is and how to identify yours so that you can tap into your genius quickly
  • The self-critique system for you to apply to yourself and everyone in your team to achieve team peak performance
  • The number 1 mistake business owners make with self-management and the audit system you can apply immediately after our podcast to take control fast
  • How to achieve massive business growth and gain more energy and personal freedom at the same time


This episode is a complete mindset shift and will change the way that you look at your business and personal role forever.

Success and lifestyle belong in the same sentence, you’ll love this episode!

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Check out these highlights:

[1.29] Why wearing too many hats in your business is causing you to become stuck and preventing growth

[4.59] The eye-opening process to audit the tasks you’re working on and work out where you’re spending all your time

[6.47] How to assess the amount of time you are spending in flow state vs low value tasks which you can outsource

[10.43] The systemised process that enables you to delegate tasks and ensure they are being completed to the same standard you would

[13.28] How to keep upping the level of your flow state so that your practice continues to evolve and is never dependant on you again

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