37 ways to attract new patients in an hour or less (Part 2)

37 ways to attract new patients in an hour or less (Part 2)


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Discover 17 MORE Rapid Fire ways to attract New Patients to your clinic in an hour or less.

The truth is, most marketing strategies simply take too much time (and effort) to do in the first place, let alone consistently.

But what if you could get new patients in 60 minutes OR less?

I’m talking 60 minutes from total blank to executed strategy…and new patients rolling in.

I’m betting that would be a total GAME CHANGER.

And that is what this Podcast episode is all about.

In this 2-part series of the Practice Acceleration Podcast, we reveal 37 ways to attract new patients to your practice in an hour or less!

In part 2 you’ll learn:

  • How to convert ready to go new patients using instant chat on your website
  • The power of installing your FB pixel to your site to crank your lead flow
  • The 4 power channels you MUST get your marketing message out on
  • What to promote to increase your average profit per client at zero cost
  • The simple way to fill your diary even when your team are not free to take calls.

Plus 14 other epic New Patient pulling tactics that can all be done in 60 minutes or less.

The truth is, you can turn your practice into a new patient pulling machine FAST.

You just need the right tactics!

We hope you love this episode!

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