Episode 62: Retain Patients Past Christmas!

Episode 62: Retain Patients Past Christmas!


Right now, you are at the fork in the road of 2018.

Here are your two options….

(1) You can get some quick wins and build massive momentum for 2019


(2) You can fumble to the finish line and start 2019 by pushing up hill.

What do you choose?

In this episode of the Practice Acceleration Podcast you’re going to learn:

  • How to fill your practice with New Patients before Christmas and into the new year so that you have your best year ever in 2019
  • How to stop patients dropping out of treatment in the holiday season and instead, renew their commitment to you and their health
  • The Retain Patients Past Christmas meeting system that gets your team performing better than ever and how to maintain that momentum in January for a record month.


Install this system now and eliminate holiday lows permanently in your clinic

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