[Case Study] How a Chiropractor Grew her Bottom Line by 15k/mth in Under 4 Months

[Case Study] How a Chiropractor Grew her Bottom Line by 15k/mth in Under 4 Months


We’re so excited to bring you this case study from our amazing Chiropractor client Karin from Indiana in the US.

Inside this episode you’ll hear how she increased her profit by $15k US per month within just 116 days!

The best part is Karin did all without prior knowledge of marketing, funnels, automation or tech as well as no real previous management experience.

Less than 4 months since joining us not only has she grown her monthly income, but also been able to hire and train a new chiro who is the perfect fit for her culture.

She’s now helping an extra 60 patients per week while she works less personally – going from owning a job to now owning a business that is driven by systems.

Karin has gained complete control over her practice and her life by following our systems. Inside you’ll find out how you can too.

We hope you love this episode!


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Check out these highlights:

[8.58] How Karin went from “owning a job” that drains her to owning a business that energises her by installing step-by-step systems

[9.37] How Karin used our Staff Recruitment system to hire and train the perfect fit chiropractor for her Indiana practice.

[12.38] The Practice Acceleration tribe’s role in helping Karin gain complete control over her practice and creating more impact in the local community.

[16.07] How Karin grew her clinic by an extra 60 appointments per week whilst working less personally.

[17.08] Why Karin thinks Practice Acceleration is the perfect fit program for practice owners in the USA and around the globe.

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