Healthcare practices have a constant tension between doing the work and getting the work.

The biggest problem is that most practice owner’s don’t have the time to both understand what marketing actually works and then implement it successfully. Not only this, but spending time away from your patients can actually cost you money. The result? Less business tomorrow. And so the roller coaster begins…and with it the stress…and lack of balance…


Now more than ever it’s an absolute must to have your practice marketing producing a constant stream of new patients. Competition has never been more intense, the downward financial pressure on healthcare practitioners, dentists and doctors is increasing each year, and a successful financial situation is slipping out of reach if you don’t have your practice marketing handled.

No doubt you’re a smart practitioner and successful at getting great patient outcomes. But if only you could get more quality new patients consistently, and delivered to you in a way that doesn’t zap your time and energy you would be on a completely new level entirely right?


That is exactly why we’ve created a complete “done for you” practice marketing service, so that practice owners can get more business with an absolute minimum of effort on their part.


Our unique formula combines technology, business process and authority marketing and is unlike any other in the healthcare marketing profession, and what’s more, it gives you new patients on autopilot, literally like pushing a button. A new patient button.

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Finally, a Method To Your Practice Marketing

The Patients on Demand Method is a complete step by step system for growing your practice using time-tested principles in practice growth marketing. Unlike other practice marketing programs that offer fragmented pieces of the practice marketing puzzle, The Patients On Demand Method is the completed puzzle itself; the core framework by which a practice owner can easily build, measure and grow their practice without getting caught deep in the complexities of “bright shiny new social media trends”, website and search engine updates or trying to figure out which strategies and software to use. The method is a complete done for you program so that you can focus on growing and enjoying your “genius” spot, and helping your patients.


The Patients on Demand Method consists of three core elements that must be implemented the right way, in the right order:

Attraction: Your personalised new patient attraction magnet to “pull” your perfect patients towards you immediately and give you the lead flow to build your practice at will.


Retention: Install your database marketing engine to win referrals from your raving fans and re-activate inactive patients automatically


Automation: Open the floodgates using automated online new patient getting systems using google, SEO and social media.

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