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We are fanatical about helping our members to win!

At Practice Acceleration our goal is clear.

Help our clients win. Period.


How Damian was stuck in a business plateau, not knowing what to do to grow his practice to adding an extra 20k/mth in just 3 months whilst halving his hours at the same time


Premier Sports and Spinal Medicine


How Nicole Grew Her Business by $168k, Reduced Her Clinical Hours and Gained Structure Within Her Business in Just 9 Months.


Podiatrist – Canberra

How David grew his Physiotherapy practice by $108,000 in just 9 months. He has added extra staff to his team, allowing him to reduce his clinical hours and focus on growing his business.


Physiotherapist – Brisbane

How James reduced his clinical hours from working full time clinically as well as on the business to working 0 clinical hours and adding an extra $240K to his practice


Physiotherapist – Sydney

When Matt joined us he was overwhelmed by the transition from being a practitioner to owning and managing the business. Matt has now reduced his hours so that he can dedicate time to focusing on his business, he also sent out his first ever email marketing campaign and had a whopping 74 new patients book in.


Sports Physiotherapist

Daniel’s was stressed out, his practice wasn’t growing, he had no idea how to market and didn’t know where to start. Now Daniel has structure, has increased his patient retention by 20% and now has the know-how behind Social Media Marketing.



Jeremy didn’t have a proper management system in place, couldn’t keep his team accountable or implement training systems. Now, Jeremy has strong management systems in place, has reduced his clinical hours and has added over 50k to just one of his practices without any marketing.





Went from 25K to 34k/mth in 5 months. His books are at 85% capacity from 50% & has freed up 12hrs per week.


Out of the Box Physiotherapy


Went from 38K to 47.5K in just 5 months. He added another physio to the team and has reduced his hours by 13 hours per week.



How Michael was able to decrease his hours by 16 hours per week and still add $60K in revenue to his business.


Osteopath – Melbourne