So the questions I get most from Practice Owners in healthcare are centred around – what can I “do” differently, what can I “do” to get the outcome I want – whether that’s more new
Ever wondered how some practices out there just have such damn good marketing? They’re probably spending a fortune, right? No chance you can do it yourself? Wrong! Making awesome visual content that you can share
Nowadays, most people access websites through their smartphones. This means that if you want your patients to access your website easily, you need to make it mobile friendly. But what does mobile friendly mean and
Standing out in a world of fierce competition is tough. …well it’s beyond tough. We no longer live in the information economy – pretty much all the info you could ever want is available at
Ensuring and enhancing team productivity is something that every healthcare practice should have as a priority. It’s not enough to just be an expert practitioner as a business owner; you actually need to lean away
Often, I have clients say – “I want to focus on word of mouth marketing”. “…I want more word of mouth”. To that I say – No. What you actually want is to get more
  Whenever you press the record button with the intention of getting closer to the business goals of your healthcare practice, then that’s called video marketing. Live social media stories to Instagram, and even to
I don’t know exactly how you ended up here… Maybe you’ve watched my videos, followed me on FB or Instagram, listened to my podcast, read my book or seen me present live on stage. But
Today, I have a really important message to help you grow your practice quickly. There it is, I’ve said it. And no, I haven’t lost my mind; I still want you to grow your practice
More than half the world’s population are now active on social media sites. Of course nowadays, social media is not just a place to socialise and reach out to family and friends. It’s also where
The title pretty much sums up everything this blog post is about. You see, I’m someone who doesn’t believe in sugarcoating things. Always remember that in the healthcare industry or in any industry, in general,
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Instagram, but how do you actually use it to grow your practice? Maybe you just think it’s all a bit of hype and you
So many Practice Owners tell me that they don’t think their practice can operate without them being involved every single day. They believe that they must oversee all operations or else something will go terribly
Do you want prospective patients to know that you’re the expert in your field? Do you want people to be hanging for your next social media post? Social media is a must in helping you
It’s time to step-up and show everyone that you’re the expert around here. It’s time to stop chasing after new Patients. It’s time to have patients looking to you for help and advice.   But
Ever heard the saying culture is king?! It’s 100% true. What separates the top healthcare practices, isn’t the tactics and strategies they use, but their unbreakable culture! They have clear values, strong beliefs and get