5 Patient Retention Mistakes Holding Back your Practice

5 Patient Retention Mistakes Holding Back your Practice


If you think or you’ve ever thought that the answer to growing your practice and succeeding in business is more new patients – then this episode is going to help you.

Every week countless practice owners come to us saying their big problem is a lack of new patients.

Guess what…

There’s no point in attracting new patients if you don’t keep them.

It’s like opening the front door and then having them walk straight out the back door again.

Today I’m going to show you how to get off the hamster wheel chasing leads and why in fact, RETENTION is the most important factor to success in your business.

This episode is going to shine a light on where your efforts and focus need to be directed to grow rapidly and to sustain that growth.

It will give you much better patient outcomes, fuller books for your whole team and a highly profitable practice.

In fact, the average clinic can improve its bottom line by 53% through addressing retention.

Still thinking you need more marketing? Listen to this first.

We hope you love this episode!


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Check out these highlights:

[4.23] The 5 pillars your practice needs to achieve a profitable retention system.

[15.49] How to lead the consult and avoid ever getting put in the friend zone.

[19.47] Why it’s essential to provide your patients with a clear and defined documented plan to achieve their desired outcome.

[21.20] Your role as a patient’s trusted advisor and not their financial advisor.

[24.29] Why always chasing new patients and new leads will never lead you to a profitable practice retention system.

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