3 Ways to Become an Authority on Social Media and Have Patients Banging at Your Door

3 Ways to Become an Authority on Social Media and Have Patients Banging at Your Door

Do you want prospective patients to know that you’re the expert in your field?

Do you want people to be hanging for your next social media post?

Social media is a must in helping you become an authority in your health niche and consistently engage, influence and draw in patients.

Hold on, how do you do it?

Saying “Get on Social Media” is a bit like saying “Start speaking Spanish”.

There needs to be a place you start…

Well, you won’t become an authority overnight, BUT there are things you can do to slowly get the trust, credibility and reputation you want.

Earn a rock-solid reputation for being good at what you do, and you’ll become the authority that people WANT to listen to, then start getting the patients that will radically grow your clinic.

Here’s a few ways you can get started as a Social Media Authority.


1. Build Rapport with LIVE content

Features like FB Live or Instagram Story, allow you to stream videos for your audience that they can watch instantly.

It also allows audiences to connect with your practice and this is important… reach out!

Instagram stories highlight your personality or share interesting information in small entertaining chunks.

They are a great way to connect with users on a more intimate level.

But the real winner is FB LIVE.

FB LIVE engages in real time with your audience able to send in questions while your video is streaming.

Answering these LIVE questions is a great way to build rapport with your followers and show them that you really know your stuff.

Then after you finish your discussion, allow an extra few minutes for your viewers to ask questions.

These questions will further highlight your ability, knowledge and reputation.

Provide your expertise AND gain trust from your audiences.

2. Attract New Patients with Tailored Ads

Consistency is key to attracting new patients to your practice.

It’s human nature that the more that people see you, the more they will remember you and recommend you.


Set up, promote and boost social media ADS to attract eyes to your expertise, products and services.

Check out my killer blog on how to optimize the FB Boost post to see how to nail these ads.


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Remember ads are just as effective on Instagram!

New audiences will see your ad, and naturally they will try to find out who you are and…. BAM!  That’s when you hit them with valuable information through your social media pages full of amazing LIVE Video, Content and amazing offers.


3. Contribute valuable content often!

Provide your followers and connections with valuable and unique information on social media that relates to your health profession and how it affects them. Make it insightful, valuable and unique.

How do you make it unique?

You do that by adding your opinion. Do not be neutral. People buy personalities. Be you.

Add your personality into all your content.

Easy ways to start showing your personality are sharing relevant articles and news, but adding your opinion to the caption, sharing your own blogs, and start taking your audience behind the scenes into what you are doing that they may be interested in with engaging images or videos.

They know that you’re the expert and that you’re delivering the products and services that will be most beneficial.


Building authority is a killer way to establish a loyal audience who will WANT to be a part of your practice and will spread the word about your health practice without you asking them.

We call these raving fans!

Want more of them?

If you need some more tips on how to become an expert on social media and turn potential patients into loyal followers, I’ve got the thing for you!

Check out my Practice Acceleration masterclass where I’ll show you how my top clients are getting more new patients than ever through social media – turning prospects, into patient, then into fans, FAST!


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